Hadoop Summit 2013 North America: Call for Lightning Talks

At this year’s Hadoop Summit San Jose, you will have the opportunity to share your initiatives with the Hadoop community through our Lighting Talks session. Give 5 minutes talk at the summit to demonstrate your work or share your vision for Apache Hadoop and Big Data. 

Lightning talks is a chance for you to present and demonstrate your work our share your vision for Apache Hadoop and Big Data. If you're interested in participating, submit your topic by June 7, 2013

Topics will be VOTED by the community. Top 8 voted topics will be added to the Hadoop Summit Lightning talks agenda. 

Here's how to submit your topic:

  • Register with either your email address, Google or Facebook account.
  • Click on Lightning Talks forum and enter your idea.
  • You can return anytime before June 7, 2013 to review your topic.
Hadoop Summit North America will be held at the San Jose Convention Center on June 26-27, 2013. 

*Lightning Talk speakers must register for the conference and are responsible for your own travel and expenses. By submitting this talk, you are confirming you have authority and permission from your company to present on the topic.

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